About Organic product certification

Organic product is referred to the products offered to human and animal consumption conforms to national standard related to the organic products during its production, processing and sale. In the early, the category of organic products are only for human consumption, such as food, vegetables, fruit, milk products, livestock products, honey, aquatic product and seasoning, etc., also usually called as “organic products”.? In recent years, the category of organic products has been extented to organic textile, leather, cosmetic, forest product, means of production and animal feed, etc., all of these, are called uniformly as “organic products”.
Organic product certification refers to the evaluation activities on the process of production and processing for organic products in accordance with national standard related to organic product and provision in “Management Measure for Organic Product Certification”. Since 2006, the year began with product organic certification by CQM, the service areas have been spread all over China. The value brought up from the organic product certification is included: 1) Benefit from guarantee of food safety and improvement of food quality and nutrition; 2) Benefit from preserving the ecological environment and saving the non-renewable resources; 3) Benefit from increasing the product competitiveness.